Saturday, January 6, 2018

Great State Series Themes

The major themes, both literary and political, are as follows:

A deep investigation of the North Korean political landscape, as well as some of its negative aspects. Also, there's a great focus on the different types of people in North Korea, where some individuals can clearly live with millions, but the majority of North Korea is below the poverty line. Apparently Kim Jung Un is a billionaire-with 5 billion according to the Huffington Post.

Also, in the novel Pursuit, there is a strong vein of individualism in the novel, according to a Solstice author review online. This is the second novel in the book-and interestingly, it covers some similar parallels to North Korea. Though North Korea could most clearly be defined as "The Great State," and perhaps the US is the Free State with some authoritarian controls (whether or not those are actually present is up to you-Donald Trump, control over immigration, lack of free media press, etc.).

There are actual tensions between countries like South Korea and North Korea, between the US and North Korea in particular. Investigate these, and look for them, at your leisure while you read "Pursuit," or "Great State."


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Great State Post 1

Hello all,

This is the official blog of where I'll be posting information about the series. More to come soon!